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Band Members - Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Real Name: Stanley Eisen

Birthday: January 20, 1952

Married: Pamela (1 child, Evan Shane)

Paul Stanley was born in Queens, New York. He met Gene Simmons through a mutual friend and, initially, they did not hit it off. (Gene seemed to resent the fact that Paul consider himself a songwriter too.) Eventually, the two hooked up and formed a band called Wicked Lester.

After disbanding Wicked Lester, they decided that they wanted to form a group that they themselves would like to see: a band that gave something extra to the fans in terms of not only music, but stage spectacle as well. After finding Peter Criss, through an ad he placed in Rolling Stone, and Ace Frehley, through auditions, KISS began rehearsing and playing anywhere and as often as they could. KISS landed a recording contract with Casablanca Records through a meeting with Bill Aucoin, who became their manager by promising them he could get them a record deal.

Paul's "Starchild" makeup emerged from the personality he exudes while on-stage. Part Mick Jagger, part Roger Daltrey and all sexuality, Paul is truly at home on the stage. He has matured into one of rock and roll's finest showmen and no one else could front a band as high-powered as KISS any better than Paul Stanley.

Paul continues to be the main songwriter for KISS, although he does frequently collaborate with other songwriters. Initially, Paul and Gene would write together, but after a few albums began to write seperately. Paul's songs tend to be more of a romantic vein than Gene's, who usually goes for the lust-powered songs, but both are equally adept at writing the opposite type of material. Ironically, the song that's most associated with Gene's blood-spitting image, "God of Thunder," was written by Paul Stanley.

Paul has also helped other bands out by contributing material, producing, and working with them. While not the mogul Gene Simmons became in the '80's, Paul has done quite a bit of work behind the scenes with bands of all types. Gene Simmons has credited Paul with keeping KISS going during his "Hollywood mogul" days. Gene had gotten caught up in his roles as a film star and record producer. (At one point, Gene was managing Liza Minnelli.)

Paul never wavered from the band and kept the band's interests first and foremost. It became evident during this period that to keep on track, the band needed both Gene and Paul paying focused attention on the well-being of the band. They keep each other in check and that makes the band one of the most musically well rounded in rock and roll today.

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