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Band Members - Eric Singer

Eric Singer

Real Name: Eric Mensinger

Birthday: May 12, 1958

Married: No

Former Bands: Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Badlands, and Lita Ford


Eric Singer was one of hard-rock's hired guns in the 1980's. Playing for acts such as Lita Ford, Alice Cooper Black Sabbath and Jake E. Lee's Badlands, Singer never seemed to be in the same band for longer than it took to record two albums. Singer first became known to KISS via Paul Stanley's 1989 solo tour. Then in Badlands, Singer played drums for the tour, which featured Bob Kulick on guitar and KISS' keyboard player, Gary Corbett.

In 1991, when KISS was scheduled to record a song for the soundtrack of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Eric Carr was still recovering from the removal of a heart tumor. Eric Singer was called in to play on the track and fans were told that Singer wasn't a replacement for Carr, they just needed him to do the track.

After Carr's death in November of 1991, the band took some time off. In early 1992, they announced that Eric Singer would become their new drummer, reportedly signing him to a contract that would not let him jump ship as he had in previous bands.

Singer recorded two studio albums with KISS, Revenge and Carnival of Souls. He is also featured on Alive III and MTV Unplugged. He frequently sang the Peter Criss verses of "Black Diamond" in concert during the Revenge tour. (He also did "Nothin' to Lose" as a duet with Criss at the Unplugged session.)

Along with Bruce Kulick, he was given what amounted to a paid vacation when original drummer Peter Criss stepped behind the drums once more. Singer, like Kulick, began doing clinics and also recorded a drum video, All Access to Drumming, which is available via mail-order.

At the beginning of the reunion tour, Singer was still officially a member of the band but, on August 15, 1996, Bruce Kulick and Singer announced that they were leaving the band.

Eric recently played on former Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini's solo album, which was released only in Japan. He's also been featured on numerous studio projects. He was just recently named as a member of Alice Cooper's backing band again for an upcoming tour. A new album of cover songs called ESP (Eric Singer Project) is also slated for release this year.

Eric's website,, recently went online. Eric has remained in touch with the KISS fan community, doing KISS Expos and fan conventions around the country.

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