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2004 Evansville

Expo Details

The Expo is going to be held at the Evansville Airport Marriott again this year on July 24th, 2004, from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Special Guests
Bob Kulick, Bill Starkey & Ron Keel

Bob Kulick
Bill Starkey - Founder of the KISS Army
Ron Keel

Bob Kulick auditioned for KISS on Jan. 3, 1973, though he (obviously) didn't get the job. He helped in the recording of the Alive II studio tracks. He played on Paul's solo album and performed on tour with Paul Stanley in 1989. He also suggested that Gene and Paul hire his brother Bruce. Bob als produced the recently released KISS Tribute CD SPIN THE BOTTLE.

Bill Starkey founded the Kiss Army in Terre Haute, Indiana, when a radio station didn't want to play KISS. (A quote from Gene Simmons: "Bill Starkey kept calling to request our songs, and the deejay said, "We don't do that." Starkey said, "You'd better do it, because by five o'clock, when everybody gets out of school, we're going to surround your beacon with the Kiss Army." The deejay just ignored it--but at five o'clock, there were thousands of kids surrounding this thing. It made the front page of the Terre Haute newspaper; the headline read, KISS ARMY INVADES RADIO STATION, and the KISS Army was born.")

Ron Keel has worked on 22 albums, co-written hundreds of songs, played thousands of shows, and travelled millions of miles. Some if his projects include Ron Keel, IronHorse, KEEL, Ronnie Lee Keel, The Rat'lers, Steeler, Fair Game, Saber Tiger.

Musical Guests
Almost Human & Shock Me

Almost Human is a local Evansville band that is comprised of members of several Evansville bands that come together to have one hell of a good time at the Evansville KISS Expo. If you thought they were good last year (as a trio and after only 3 practice sessions) just wait until you hear them this time around.

The Black Diamond Girls are based in Ohio. The Gene persona is now being played by the Goddess of Thunder.

Ticket Information

Tickets are $17 in advance or $20 at the door. Special laminated VIP passes are available (in advance only) for $25 each and get you into the Expo one hour early. (Only 150 VIP Passes are available.) Each paid adult admission gets one child 10 or under in free. Buy Expo Passes/Tickets here.

Hotel Details

The hotel is holding rooms for KISS Expo attendees for only $60 per night. To reserve your rooms, either call (812) 867-7999 and ask for the 2004 KISS Expo rate or reserve them online by

  1. Clicking Reserve a room.
  2. Inputting date or dates.
  3. Entering Group code KISKISA near the bottom.

Special Events

There is going to be a KISS Karaoke Contest, a makeup contest, and a tattoo contest. There are some other surprises in the works too. Keep checking back here for details.

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